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Obliterate the Leadership Gap!

This BOX SET contains all of the Navy SEALs books!

Join our favorite HEROES on their adventure:

  • Book 1 - SEALs SQT: Seals Qualification Training

  • Here you will experience all of the rigors of Navy SEAL training and HELL WEEK!

  • Book 2 - Navy SEALs Weapons: Before you go on your first mission with the SEALs we must WEAPONIZE you. There are some cool suprises in this book; like Navy SEAL Dolphins and Sea Lions!

  • Book 3 - Navy SEALs HALO: Your first mission! As part of a Navy SEALs team you must use your deadly stealth tactics to parachute into enemy territory, engage the enemy, and WIN!

There is also a special appearance of the Navy's Elite Boat Warriors, the SWCC: Special Warfare Combat Craft Crewmen!

New: Now includes Word Wise, A great reading help for kids!

Get 'em all today, scroll up and grab this superheroes box set...

Obliterate the Leadership Gap!

More Leadership Books for Kids!

The Navy SEALs Coloring Book:

A Book about the US Navy SEALS for Kids. Heavy on pics and light on text, just right for kids between 5 and 10 years old. There is a lot of emphasis on physcial fitness and discipline in this book. Full of full color pics to motivate your kid.


Navy SEALs Ebook!
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