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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Look at what the kids are saying on Google Play:

When I got divorced in 2009 it hit me hard. 
My two year old son was basically taken away from me. 
My first and only son. 
'Pain' would be an understatement, it was mental and physical simultaneously. 
When my son turned five years old he told me (through Skype) that he wanted to be a Navy SEAL. The distance between him and I bore in the wound again and I felt an incredible helplessness as I couldn't be there for him, to help him and provide the leadership so damned necessary at his age. Today our children are suffering under the lack of leadership and role models.
If I couldn't be there, at least I could make him a personalized book, which would hopefully bridge the time between our visits. Luckily he likes books a lot and actually does read them. 
I put the photo above on the very first page of the first book I made for him; 'Navy SEALs for Kids'.  When I gave it to him for Christmas -- he was stoked!  The way his eyes lit up once he saw us in a book was awesome, I felt great, and that one look of surprise in his eyes was worth every hour and minute that I put into that first book. 
  I made the book ridiculously simple, for a five year old, remembering the target audience, I put a lot of big photos of Navy SEALs doing cool stuff. But first of all, at the very beginning of the book I put the SEALs physical requirements. I know the requirements to become a Navy SEAL are very high, so I wanted to get that across to him as much as possible.  Uncle Sam points right at you and says "Can You Do 100 Push-ups?"  
  The really cool part about this whole effort? I got him to do push-ups and sit-ups! Not only that, but we did them together from 5,000 miles away -- him in Skype in California, me in Skype in Germany.  
This totally surpassed all of my expectations.
I hope it does for you too:


 Get Navy SEALs for Kids!

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