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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Take the Navy SEALs Discipline Challenge!

This is a special challenge for all of you kids and young adults.

Do you have what it takes to BE a Navy SEAL?

Do you want to find out?

One of the best ways to test your mettle, and ensure that you
are Navy SEALs material, is to test yourself.

Challenge yourself to do ten push-ups every day,
immediately once you get out of bed in the morning.
Better yet, make it 100!

But it’s best to start off with small goals that ensure you a quick win.
It could be anything from making your bed or doing push-ups EVERY day.
(I recommend the push-ups!)
It’s a challenge to your inner self… "can I do it?"

Hard facts of life:

If you cannot do a simple challenge like this and have the DISCIPLINE
to make yourself do it every day, you will not make it in any special forces.

That’s why:

Download the Navy SEALs Discipline Challenge worksheet here:

Then make a BIG FAT RED “X” every day that you do the push-ups. Then…
You have to do your challenge every day or you do not get the quick-win
at the end of the week! Your quick win can be anything…you decide…a candy bar or a video game, etc.
The point is to reward yourself each week as you build-up to the final push at the end of the month.


1.) Download the Fitness Challenge:
2.) Then follow the instructions in the email!

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