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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Extreme Ownership - HARDCORE Leadership Lessons from the Navy SEALs - Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Extreme Ownership

Extreme ownership is one of the best leadership books that I have ever read. There have been a lot of leadership books before it, but none like this!

This Book gives you hardcore Battlefield tested examples; the concept of extreme ownership was not new to me, but it has never been as clear to me as it is now. That's why when I saw this book I really got excited. It overlaps with the book that I'm writing for kids: “Leadership for Kids”!

But the best thing about this book, is not the real examples from the hardest battle zones in Iraq, nor the most vicious lessons of accountability, the best thing IS the underlying message throughout the whole book, extreme ownership!

This was the concept that I was searching for but couldn't place it, now I've got it, and now this is my new “Mother of all leadership books!”

It is my new guiding light in the land of leadership.



You can get it on Amazon here or read more of my summary below:
It started in Navy SEAL training...
  • Jocko and Leif were forced in battle scenarios to "take a step back" and see the situation unfolding...
  • It was the difference between life and death.
  • They could tell by a participant's reaction (in that same scenario they were previously in,) if they would make it as a leader or not.
  • There was one answer they frequently heard which was a killer "tell"
  • Jocko applied these lessons in real life in Iraq.
  • After active duty, Jocko and Leif's experience was perfect for the business world.
  • When faced with tough decisions in a corporation, the leadership principles from the Navy SEALs work great!
  • One Example:
    • When faced with TWO caustic employees who were blocking progress, the CEO thought they were irreplaceable. Jocko and Leif's experience showed they were not. They fired BOTH of them and the other employees eagerly stepped up to the plate.
LOTS of lessons in this book!
There's a reason it's my favorite leadership book!

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