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Tuesday, February 23, 1999

You Are HERCULES! The strongest man on Earth--EVER!


 You are Hercules, the exceptionally strong Greek hero famous for your monumental feats of strength and courage in defeating many dangerous monsters!

 As the son of Zeus, King of the Gods, you possessed tremendous power which you demonstrated time and again through your famous twelve labors:

  Whether it was slaying the many-headed Hydra, capturing the golden Hind of Artemis, or cleaning the massive stables of King Augeas in a single day, you proved that no task was too great for your unparalleled might.

 Your legend grew as you battled ferocious beasts such as the Nemean Lion with your bare hands and wrestled the giant Antaeus to submission.  

  •  As the legendary Hercules, you traversed all of Greece, ridding the lands of threatening evil forces. 
  •  You are perhaps best remembered for your defeat of the monstrous nine-headed Hydra. 
  •  Through your incredible labors, you not only cemented your place among Greek heroes but also demonstrated the remarkable abilities possessed by a demigod. 

 Your immense bravery and strength in the face of even the most dangerous monsters will continue to inspire awe for all time.

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