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Tuesday, February 23, 1999



You are the wise and cunning Titan, Prometheus!

 While not a demigod like other heroes of Greek myth, your bravery and intelligence surpassed all. 

 When Zeus sought to withhold fire from humankind, you took pity on mortals and braved the wrath of the gods to steal fire back for humanity. 

 Displaying compassion for their plight, you lit a torch from the flame of Mount Olympus and brought it down to Earth concealed inside a giant stalk of fennel. 
 This noble act of defiant heroism allowed humans to evolve by gaining mastery over fire for survival and development of the arts and sciences. THIS WAS A BIG DEAL!      
Without YOU humankind would have stayed in the DARK AGES forever...FOREVER! 
Scratching the fleas from our hairy hides and living like ape-men in caves! We would NOT HAVE EVOLVED...

  For your act of generosity towards humankind, Zeus had you punished with eternal torment. 

  Chained to a mountainside, you endured each day having your liver devoured and regrown only to be eaten again the next.*

 But your courage and resolve never faltered, cementing your place as a legendary protector of humanity. 

  Forever will your story of intelligence, bravery and benevolence against the tyranny of the gods stand as a shining example of what it means to be a true hero!

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*Spoiler Alert!
Prometheus does finally get saved :-)

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