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Tuesday, February 23, 1999

You Are PERSEUS! The Fearless Monster Killer!

You are PERSEUS!

You are the heroic Perseus, the slayer of the terrifying Gorgon Medusa! 

  As the son of Zeus, you had great courage and skill that helped you succeed on your dangerous quests. 

  When the king of Seriphus asked you to fetch the head of the vicious Gorgon Medusa, most would have dismissed it as a suicide mission. 

  But not you, brave Perseus. Armed with your sword, shield, and a pair of winged sandals given to you by Hermes, you set out on your perilous journey. 

  You outwitted the monster Polydectes and evaded Medusa's poisonous snakes by only looking upon her reflected image on your shield. 
gif of medusa
  With a powerful swing, you dealt the final blow and claimed her head, turning the once invincible beast to stone.

  Proud Perseus, you went on to use Medusa's severed head to turn the monster threatening your loved ones to stone. 

  Your heroic victory over the snake-haired Gorgon cemented your place in Greek mythology and your bravery in the face of frightening creatures served as an inspiration to all. 

  Forever will you be praised for your courageous exploits as one of Greece's mightiest heroes!

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